The Big Bang Theory: ‘The Bitcoin Entanglement’ Recap

Reel Sum up: Leonard, Howard and Raj frantically search for a stack of mined Bitcoins.

Last week’s episode was unexpectedly entertaining and once again, Sheldon was as insufferable as ever. Yes, it’s a T.V show and Sheldon Cooper is a popular breakout character but seriously... in a real-life situation, who would want to remain friends with the likes of him- much less still want to marry him- after the latest stunt he pulled on the others?  Personally, I hope what he did will be referenced in other episodes, mostly to see him squirm because it’s really annoying how he often gets away with things.

This episode was unusual as it was mostly presented in flashbacks. Leonard, Howard and Raj go back 7 years back to remember where their precious stack of mined Bitcoins was stored. Viewers were treated to some bitter-sweet nostalgia as one of those scenes included the voice of the late Carol Ann  Susi, who played Howard’s never seen mother. The flashbacks also reminded us of the pervert Howard used to be, Raj’s former (and very annoying) selective mutism, Penny’s constant mix up during her time as a waitress in The Cheesecake Factory and a pre-Sheldon Amy.  Making a guest appearance was Penny’s dim witted ex boyfriend Zack, with brought some laughs and Leonard’s wrath (as Penny had given a gift from Leonard to him) but also some awws... as Leonard finds out from him how much Penny missed him during their breakup, including a hilarious video.

 And there was Stuart, who it turns out, is scrounging more than ever to make a profit from the Comic Store. This is getting a bit tiresome by the way, Stuart should be given a positive turn of fortune for once . But then again, what storekeeper would put up with customers returning read comic books?

The final scene was when the boys have where their precious bitcoins was stored (Leonard’s old laptop) but receive a shock when a triumphant Sheldon revealed he moved it to a flashdrive attached to  Leonard’s Batman keychain. Unfortunately, Leonard had lost it years ago and unknown to him, Stuart had found and sold it for a mere $10 after erasing it. Thanks a lot Sheldon, your stupid prank cost your friends $10 thousand! Typical, no apology from him. Instead...

Sheldon: I guess we all learnt a lesson today.

Amy: What was the lesson?

Sheldon: I don’t know!



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