Adele's Upcoming Album, '30'


The 15 time Grammy winner has finally  announced-via Instagram- the release of her fourth studio album, 30, which is the 19th of November, 2021. When asked what the album was about, Adele's reply was: "Divorce, Babe, Divorce," referring to her divorce from ex husband, Simon Konecki, which was finalised in January this year. So far, a single from 30 - Easy on Mewas released on YouTube three weeks ago; hence the anticipation to hear the whole album. 

30's track list:

1. Strangers by Nature
2. Easy on Me
3. My Little Love
4. Cry Your Heart Out
5. Oh My God
6. Can I Get It
7. I Drink Wine
8. All Night Parking (With Erroll Garner) Interlude
9. Woman Like Me
10. Hold On
11. To Be Loved
12. Love Is a Game


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