'God of Mercy' Explores Colonisation & Forgiveness

God of Mercy, the debut novel of Nigeria-American writer Okezie Nwoka, is a blend of fable, mythology and magic realism; the story itself a clash of the old and the new, a powerful reimagining of a history erased.

Set in the Igbo village of Ichulu, its citizens devoutly  worship their gods, their adherence to tradition allowing them to evade the influences of colonialism and modernisation brought by the white man. However, Ichulu is reckoning with changes, including a war between the gods... signalled by the main character, Ijeoma, a girl who can fly.
As tensions grow between Ichulu and its colonised  neighbours, Ijeoma is forced into exile and is imprisoned by a Christian church, on the grounds of witchcraft. Suffering through her unjust isolation, Ijeoma comes to understand the truth of merciful love.
God of Mercy is a novel about wrestling with the gods, confronting demons and understanding one's true purpose.

About the author... 

Okezie Nwoka was born and raised in Washington, D.C, his family are from Anambara State, Nigeria. He's a graduate of Brown University and attended the Iowa Writers' Workshop as a Dean Graduate Research Fellow. 


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